A college student messaged her father, “What a time to be alive!”

“I feel like weeping!” messages someone else.

To call it an historic moment might even be an understatement. 

After 61 years in power, what was once called the Alliance and, later, Barisan Nasional, has lost its political mandate. What is also incredible is that Tun Mahathir, Prime Minister for 22 years, has at 92 become the Prime Minister again, making him the oldest premier in the world. Pakatan Harapan, a political alliance formed just 3 years ago, now takes the helm of leading Malaysia.

When the euphoria has died down we may well ask: where can the country go from here? 

Can corruption be eradicated? Will money politics be stymied? Will Islamic fundamentalism be curtailed? Can the various races be brought closer again?

Other than those key issues, greater equality between rich and poor, better education, press freedom, independence of the judiciary and government accountability are principles which the new Mahathir government should champion.

For indeed the people have spoken. And they want change.

They want a new Malaysia.