One of the side benefits of this virus lock down, distancing or whatever you might like to call it, is a reduction in air pollution. I do believe, the sky around KL is looking bluer too.

But a great side detriment is all the food deliveries and takeaways which uses all those plastic containers. As you may know, plastic can take as long as a thousand years to decay, so using plastic is awful for the environment.

In normal life, I try not to get food delivered more than once a week for this very reason. I feel guilty about the plastic. I see it growing exponentially around the house. I call it “my empire of plastic”. I intend to return it all to restaurants who will take it. I hope they will take it.

I’m very pleased if food is delivered to me with a minimum amount of plastic and I’ll more than happy to order from restaurants that do that.

When at the supermarket, I try not to use those plastic bags to put vegetables or fruits in. I get the weighing guy to stick the price label on the fruit or vegetable itself. I try not to buy stuff that’s been packaged in plastic containers. And, of course, I try to bring my own canvas bags to the supermarket.

Though I’d share all this with you on another self-isolation day. Take care and wash your hands often!