“You’re written a cookbook?” she asked, eyebrows raised.

“Yes, I have,” I reply with a grin.

“You write horror stuff and now you’ve come out with a cookbook?”

I nod. For indeed,  I have.

People who know me for my fictional work are surprised that I write non-fiction. People who are familiar with my non-fiction stuff and taken aback at my dark writings.

This is a special month for me, for I’m launching one of each. That’s 2 books, one fiction and the other non-fiction. I’ll tell you about the former in another post, but for now let’s focus on the non-fiction one.

Yes, it’s a cook book and it’s co-authored by Chef Christina Hiew. We’re launching it on Thursday, 8 November at MPH Nusentral in KL.

IMG_6693 (1)

This one is a very different kind of book launch for me as there’ll be food. And, from what I’ve tasted of Christina’s cooking, it’s going to be delicious!

I hope to see you there!