I was at KDU University attending their Malaysiana 2019 event on 18 August 2019.

There were two other speakers, Peggy Loh and E.S. Shankar. Mr Shankar very kindly gave me a copy of his book, Tiger Isle. Peggy Loh is the author of My Johor Stories.

I like talking to young people for their views aren’t yet tarnished by life’s experience. Their cup is only half full and it is still possible to provide meaningful guidance.

Covering the topic to be discussed, I spoked about my experience about first getting published and my experience as a writer. I went off topic when I noticed three young ladies who were fully focussed on their phones. So I said:

“Sometimes we are so addicted to our screens, like those three ladies staring at their phones when they should be looking at this handsome looking guy here talking on stage!”

That got their attention and they put away their devices … but only for awhile.

I enjoyed sharing the stage at KDU University and I wish all the best to the students there.

P.S The above photos were taken from Peggy Loh’s blog. Hope she doesn’t mind!