So here I am, holed up in a house not being able to go out. Same as you, I suppose.

So instead of going out to work, meeting friends and relatives or going to some function, we’re stuck at home. You may be alone, like me, or with your family. If the latter, this is a good time to get to know them a lot better than before. Perhaps time to open up a bit. Time to talk about more important stuff.

If your kids are of school age, then it might be a good time to talk to them, to teach them something about life. Use that time well, for hopefully this virus-induced family time may never come again!

If you’re alone, like me, then perhaps it’s time for some introspection. A time of quietude.  To take stock of life and to see what we’d like from it for the rest of our days on this earth. And the thing about this Covid-19 thing is that we may not have all that long. I did take some stock from the fact that I’m not so old and therefore getting infected might not be fatal. But the news today says otherwise, people of all ages, including those between thirty and sixty have been dying. So, if I do get infected, I might die.

So, if you knew you had only say a month to live, how would you live it?