As the Covid-19 death toll reaches 10,000 and the number infected nears 250,000, I went to the supermarket.

It was an eerie feeling as all the shops were closed except for two or three restaurants doing takeaways and, of course, the supermarket. The supermarket was fairly busy and I wondered if people were shopping because of fear of a total lock down rather than just the present Movement Control Order.

The number infected in Malaysia is moving towards a thousand. There is much uncertainty, even fear, since the MCO came into place. It has affected me too as I watched my fellow shoppers with suspicion. Who has the virus? Am I particularly afraid of foreigners? I tried to keep a distance, telling myself I shouldn’t linger here.

An old school friend of mine is infected. Who’s going to be next? They say that in 80 per cent of cases, the symptoms should be mild. This is the optimistic view. They say that young people will not be severely affected. Neither case might be true. So, there’s more uncertainty.

The stock market has plunged dramatically and so we have people worried about that too. Many businesses may be in trouble because of the MCO. People may lose jobs.

There is an old Chinese curse: may you live in interesting times.

These times are most definitely very interesting.

May they turn boring quickly.