Dark Demon Rising

My first novel Dark Demon Rising is available as an ebook.

You can get a free sample at my website.

Here’s the “product description”:

The myths and folklore from the Malay peninsula is not something the Western World has been much exposed to. Tunku Halim now takes us into that dark, superstitious realm.

This is the tale of Shazral who was terrorised by a demon as a boy, growing up in a small village. After his mother dies in mysteriously, Shazral leaves for the city and becomes a lawyer, forsaking his father and his home. When he returns to his dying father, he learn his “inheritance” is to follow his father, to become a shaman, to heal the sick and protect the village from the demon.

“This new ground in the genre is very refreshing and the author takes great care to educate the reader while still being entertaining. There are also a few good twists that keep you guessing right to the end of the story.” – Craig Lockely, Amazon Review

Dark Demon Rising was nominated for the 1999 International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award and was studied by Glennis Byron from the University of Sterling, her article appearing in Asian Gothic (2008). “Monsters”, as she says, “do cultural work”.

4 responses to “Dark Demon Rising

  1. hi, so let me just cut to the chase….I’m an inspiring author (inspiring being the operative word) but I’m 18, and Malay…I know i make those qualities about myself seem like a handicap, but it feels as though it might as well have been, how have you succeeded in achieving a considerable market for your works, in other words how have you succeeded in getting people to read them… how successful have you been regarding your profession as an author, the genres you adhere to seem to be a common interest for both of us…I’m looking for advice from those who’ve been there and done that, before deciding ultimately whether this is the path I want to take..I hope you can leave a constructive and ahem (useful) reply…thnx…

    • Zakwan – This is the path to take if you find that it’s your passion to write. The rewards are not financial (except for the very few) but rather a sense of personal satisfaction and purpose. That’s what it’s all about. As they say, don’t give up your day job or your studies, writing is not mutually exclusive to other things. Write but do other stuff too!

  2. I really hope that Mr Tunku Halim, you can tell me about the main purpose you writing this novel (Dark Demon Rising). Whether you are trying to let us know about the supernatural environment in the world or other purpose?

    • I wrote the novel to tell a story. Nothing more than that. In retrospect, I can see what I was trying to do subconsciously. The modern v. the old ways etc.

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