Stephen King lived in a caravan.  When his first novel, Carrie, which came out in 1974, he got at an advance of US$400,000. A lot of money back then and still a huge amount of money now. Then came the movie. And there was no stopping him.



I read his novel as a teenager and later watched the movie, never dreaming that I would or even could write my own horror novel. My first one, Dark Demon Rising, came out 20 years ago. I’m glad to say the newly revised 20th anniversary edition is hot off the press. I don’t think Stephen King got a chance to revise Carrie but then why would he? Not many novelists get a chance to revise their published work, especially a first novel, so I’m awfully lucky. I have to thank my publisher for letting this happen: a 20th anniversary edition.

I love the new cover too. So very different from the original.


I hope you like it and, if you haven’t read the novel, I hope you like it too.