I am in Chiang Mai again. Been here 2 months now.

You don’t hear much Thai language being spoken here, but rather Chiang Mai Thai or Lanna. This is a northern language, not a dialect, because a Thai speaker cannot understand the Lanna language. The two are so different.

“Khun suai mak,” means you’re very pretty in Thai, but in Lanna, they would say: “Tua ngam kanad.” There’s no similarity there.

As for the Malay and Thai language, I previously posted that the only common word I could find was Ngiap and Senyap. But, of course, I missed the obvious. ‘Ini’ and ‘Ani’ are both mean here. Some Malays will use noon for there, just like the Thais.

There’s also phaasaa and bahasa for language, even though the two come from a different family of languages.

There’ll are other similar words, for example “chincok” for “chicak”,”‘gunjay” for “kunci”, “sabu” for “sabun” and, of course, “wau” for “wau”!

I’m sure I’ll unearth more of them.