As I sit in my hotel room, I can hear the grinding of construction work, and I wonder if I should change rooms to the other side of the hotel. But I don’t really want the morning sun or lose the enchanting view of the mountain. 

Life is just too full of these difficult choices!

Anyway, I’ve been in Chiang Mai for a month now and I’ve only found one Thai word that’s similar to Malay. 

‘Ngiap’ means silent. Just like Malay’s ‘senyap’!

I do like it quiet too!

The Thai language belongs to the Tai-Kadai language family with words taken from Sanskrit, Pali and Old Khmer. It’s a fairly small language family in terms of number of speakers. 

The Malay language is Austronesian which is a much larger language family. Malay is the most widely spoken Austronesian language and is the the 8th most widely spoke language in the world.

It strikes me as strange that two countries which are so close to each other have so little in common in their languages. Whereas, as I wrote in my previous post, the Filipino languages, a country which is more than 2000 kilometers away, have so many common words.

Anyway, “Selamat Sawadii kap!”