I’ve been in this northern Thai city for 10 days now. I’ll be here for 2 months. I’ve been working on a non-fiction book (but I won’t tell you what’s it about … it’s a surprise!)

The weather’s been wonderfully cool, a bit rainy too, which is nice. I’m staying in a 3 star hotel a bit out of the city. I don’t think it’s even on the map I’ve inserted.


I’ve got a large 1 bedroom suite which is far in excess of my needs. I booked a standard room but it didn’t have a kitchen sink, so I needed to upgrade. I like to prepare my own very simple food sometimes. Anyway, my monthly rent is less than what you’d pay for a studio in a KL condo. So it’s not expensive.

The people here are called Lanna. They speak the Lanna language which is different from standard Thai. The city itself is not geographically that big. There are no skyscrapers. I’m on the 11th floor and I look down on most buildings. From my window I can see the mountain with the Doi Suthep temple. It looks mysterious with the clouds curling past it.

Sometimes there’s quite a bit of traffic. So it’s not a quiet city. There’re lots of scooters shooting about everywhere. It’s the major form of transport. Mine is mostly on foot or in tuk tuks. I don’t go out often.

Today is Sunday, so there’s a night market in the old city. I may go, I may not. It depends whether I want to join all the tourists. But the wares on sale are interesting. I do love the moat that demarcates the old city. It’s wonderful looking at the remains of the old walls that surround it. This place is historic and full of lovely temples too.

I’ll tell you more in another update …Sawadii krap!