That’s mostly true. 

Some of my family and friends fall into the latter category — and I do ask why?

I’m sure you too know many people too that won’t go near a novel.

Perhaps it’s to do with the reading habit. Many of us got into this habit at an early age whilst others didn’t. But I do know people who read when they were young but don’t do now. I also know those that didn’t read at an early age but picked up reading later on in life.

Why do some of us choose not to read fiction? Is it from sheer laziness? Is it that it reminds them too much of school or that they may come across words they don’t understand? Or is it from the mistaken belief that there couldn’t possible be anything useful in it? Or that time is better spent watching a movie instead? After all it only takes a 100 minutes or so and pratically does the same thing, which is to tell a story. So why slog for many hours through a novel? Surely the Game of Thrones episodes and Harry Potter movies are much more exciting, with heck a lot more eye candy, that the books on which they’re based.

Yes, they indeed are.


But the idea of reading is to go in the opposite direction. Not from exciting to boring. But from exciting to a peaceful, restful mind. This is a contemplative and indeed healthy state that is becoming more difficult to find in our frantic digital world. Reading fiction takes you into yourself, it delivers feelings, thoughts, insights and ideas that no movie can ever match. A novel can change the way you think. It may allow you to see the world differently.

It provides a richness in life.

So I do, in a way, feel sorry for those who don’t read fiction. So, if you’re reading this bit of non-fiction but never touch a novel, then you’re missing out, my friend.

You truly are.

I suggest starting with something that isn’t so heavy, an easier read perhaps. It may be good to start with just a short story.

There really are a wealth of books waiting for you. All the ebooks you could ever want are right at your fingertips and browsing through a bookshop can be a real pleasure.

Believe me, you’ll find the hours spent reading are truly worth every minute. You read at you leisure and at your own time and pace. You can re-read or even skip passages. Your book will be your companion, your friend. You’re never alone if you have a book with you.

There’s a new reality waiting for you in this world of books and what’s beautiful that this new world is within you!