They say that you should keep your website fresh and updated. They (whomever these Gurus may be) will find me terribly guilty, as it’s been 5 long years since I meddled with it.

The difficulty is compounded by having to learn the web editing software again, doing all the ftp stuff and uploading pages which never load! Very frustrating this website business!


The joys of website updating is not very interesting when there is so much news.

Floods in Malaysia, a plane crashing in the Java sea, cartoonist getting tragically murdered, the subsequent French police raids, massacre in Nigeria and the many more that will surely come our way.

The world goes on in joy and pain. Such is the world. We will all get old. We will all get ill and die.

Still we live here and carry on. We follow our daily routines. We do what we have to do. Sometimes what we want to do. We take joy when we can.

This is called life.

I’m not sure what that has to do with updating my website. It is, after all, an ephemeral, perhaps egoistical thing.

Hmmm … just like life.