“… and how do you turn those things into horror stories to scare other people?”

That was the question posed by Pop Club, which is Popular Book’s magazine, one of the largest book sellers in Malaysia.

So, lying on a sofa in a one bedroom Sydney apartment I found on Air B&B, I tapped away some sort of coherent answer. That was a couple of months back.

I received the mag a few weeks back. So here’s a copy of the article which I thought you might like to look at, if you, of course, have nothing better to do, this holiday season.



I quite like that photo of me screaming on the pillow. I used my iPad for that selfie as I thought of all the horrors that could join me in bed. No jokes about ex-wives or ex-girlfriends please!

Anyway, new year is approaching fast. It’s almost 2015. It’s the mid-point of the decade. 2020 is not too far off. The years roll on. Time is unstoppable.

“Time, it makes fools of all of us.”

That’s a quote from Last Breath, I think. But it may have been edited out …

Isn’t life fascinating?

Wishing you a Happy New Year!