I love ebooks because they never get old.

I carry close to 80 books on my Kindle. Some I’ve bought and some are samples. I must confess that I’ve been reading many more classics because they’re mostly free! 🙂

I also love the dictionary function because there really are so many words that elude me. My memory isn’t the best either because I keep looking up the same words!

I do enjoy reading on my Kindle more than on the iPad because it’s light, I can use it in bright sunlight and that its battery last ages. And no … Amazon is not paying me a fee.

But it’s time to spruik (don’t you just love/hate that word) my latest novel …


Especially to my friends in the UK, Australia and anywhere else in this globe of ours, my novel Last Breath (which incidentally took me 5 years to write and was mostly written on a boat and in an 1890s cottage) is now available as an ebook.

You can find it on smashwords and on iBooks (where a most generous sample of 62 pages is also available).

I’m not sure why it’s not available on the trusty Kindle yet but a lot of my other books (including my first novel Dark Demon Rising) can be found there.

This spruiking is hard work. Wish there was someone else who could do it for me, so that I can go back to my napping … I mean writing!