That was what it seemed like last week at the book launch of my novel Last Breath. En Rozlan was also launching his book, The Gods and in all good humour asked the audience to buy this book instead of mine!

IMG_2428-0.PNG Buy this one or the other?

This was all in the spirit off light-hearted competition. Although, I have to admit that authors competing with each other is new territory for me. I’ve always imagined us authors tapping away on our keyboards in some dark cubbyhole, isolated, alone, and working hard on our craft and the tale, with book sales being the furthest from our minds. But I suppose there are thousands if not millions of books out there and in a person’s lifetime, a reader can only read (or buy) a limited number.

I have sometimes wondered if I should stop writing fiction because I’ve no great desire to add to that ever-growing mountain of books. But then I realise that writing is what writers do and if I am struck by an idea then I am compelled to write. It is of secondary importance whether the book is ever published.

So for new writers out there I would suggest that you write because you feel compelled to write, rather than having need to be published. If the latter is your aim then perhaps writing may not give you the satisfaction that you crave for.

En Rozlan and I