I am perhaps a bit vain, but I was most impressed with the drawing of me in The Star’s Halloween article. Anyway, this is what I thought about at Changi airport whilst I waited for my KL flight.

But it’s interesting how the woman sitting next to me is quite loudly giving her credit card details over the phone. Perhaps I should write her Visa card number down too!

We are losing more and more of our privacy.

It’s not too warm a morning here in KL. Ahhh… where was I? Vanity seems to get the best of us. We are all the same I’m sure. It’s just a question off how vain we are. We are warned not to be too vain and end up like Narcissus who drowns because he is so in love with his own image? Of course not literally.

So now I can link the two ideas.

Privacy. Vanity. The two are in inexorably linked.

The drawings of Ee Leen Lee and Julya Oui are great too. But this is about me! 🙂