This is my last post. It’s my 300th one.

(Can’t you hear that bugler in the distance?)

All good things, as they say, must come to an end. Everything falls away.

That expensive new car you bought will get rusty. That breathtaking romance will be routine. The renovated designer home will eventually crumble. Even this once super-fast MacBook barely crawls.

You see, nothing lasts. Everything perishes. All is transitory.

Including life itself.

You will, if you’re lucky, grow old and die.

There was a famous philosopher who kept a skull on his desk to remind him of this.

Any resemblance?

Thank you reading my blog, whether you’re a new or old reader. I do appreciate the many comments. I’ve tried to reply to all of them. Forgive me if I haven’t.

So why have I decided to stop posting?

I’ve long thought that my three hundredth post would be a good place to end.

With every ending there’s a new beginning though. It allows for a new start. I’m not sure where, when or how. But the closing of one book will lead to the opening of another. Of course there’s uncertainty, with any new beginning.

Yet I feel a sense of freedom as I write this. Not that this blog was a shackle. But there was a need to regularly post and reply to comments.

I’ve met many fellow bloggers, in person and in cyberspace. Some have stopped blogging, others have left this earth, many carry on. It has indeed been good. It’s been great to know you.

So the feeling now for me is this: as if you’ve held something precious for so long and you just … let it go!

This letting go releases you, sets you free.

So now I walk away down the beach, towards the embracing sunset … but you’ll never know where I’ll turn up next! 🙂