So are you Over-Desiring?

Do you yearn for too much?

If you want to be happy it may be time to drop some of your desires. Or to put it another way, these desires may be making you unhappy.

If we’re fulfilled in life, this necessarily means that we’re content. This means that we have everything we want.

Naturally, if we’re unfulfilled, then we’re not content. That’s because we don’t have all that we desire.


 But “Hey!”, you may well say, we really can’t lump all desires in the one basket, can we?

So here’s a way of looking at DESIRE more closely.

Some desires are mundane:

> I wish this check-out queue would move along.

> I’d like to have curry chicken for lunch.

> I wish they’d stop playing this loud music.

Some are aspirational:

 > I need to be good at writing.

> I have to hit my sales quota this month.

> I want to own a latest model BMW.

Some are benevolent:

 > I wish to end world poverty.

> I have to help my grief-stricken neighbour.

> I want to promote peace and goodwill.

Which ones do you think cause unhappiness. All of them or just some of them?

Or perhaps you might think that desires don’t cause unhappiness at all?

The important thing to note is that DESIRE comes from WITHIN. If happiness is linked to desire, then HAPPINESS comes from WITHIN.

“Hey!” you may again say. “I knew that already!”

But then pressed by the burdens, the pressures of this world, you may not agree. Or perhaps you just didn’t have the time to think about it. Or to even notice?