You and I have known each other for a long time. Well, maybe not. Perhaps you’ve just stumbled onto my blog. But anyway …

I think it’s time we got serious. Time we talked about what’s really close to our hearts. And it’s a pretty simple but very important one.

It’s about this thing called Happiness.

We all want to be happy. That’s a given thing. We want it more than anything else.

More than Money. More than Love. Fame. Success. Prestige. Power.

Those things are secondary because we hope that Money, Love, Fame, Success. Prestige, Power or whatever else will deliver Happiness. So most of our waking hours are spent chasing these things.

But we also rightly know that Happiness is just something in our heads. The source of happiness is not external but internal.

We know fame doesn’t deliver it.

Just ask Whitney Houston. But it’s too late to question her, I suppose.

Too late to quizz Howard Hughes about being wealthy beyond anyone’s dreams, but maybe we can ask still Rupert Murdoch.

As for Love, we know how fleeting or disastrous it can be. You only have to listen to all those woeful love songs!

No, Happiness is found in ourselves. In our hearts.

But sometimes we have to admit that we’re unhappy. Often it’s because we’re unfulfilled.

Unfulfilled because we don’t have what we want. We don’t have what we desire.

So it might be a good time to ask yourself:

What do I desire?

Perhaps you can come up with a list.

We’ll talk again, you and I, about these items.

We’ll talk about your DESIRES …

Because. the fact is, your desires cause UNHAPPINESS.

Don’t you agree?

(I know this is all very deep. But I did say we were going to get serious!) 🙂