Some can’t be bothered with this despicably boring stuff and say it’s a waste of time to learn it in school.

Yet I wonder how you would feel if you had to stare at this “Truly Asia” ad for many hours on an AirAsia flight.

Would you squirm in your seat as I did? (Admittedly, I drink lots of water on flights and often feel like I need the loo, but, alas, the queue …)

So here’s two questions:

1. Can you pick the grammatical mistake?
2. How many millions did they spend on the ad campaign?

As for me, I think that copywriters and all those who want to communicate with the written word should know at least some grammar. If not, then they need to use an editor (that’s a person, not software!)

I wonder though how many grammatical mistakes I’ve made with this post. I’ve got 2 good reasons.

1) I don’t use an editor for my blog
2) I can’t find my reading glasses!