We had a spare day in KL a couple of weeks back and so off I went with the kids. We were playing tourists!

First stop, Batu Caves.

This must-see tourist attraction seemed much closer to the city than I remembered. Perhaps it was due to the new highways that weren’t there when I last visited in my early 20s.

The climb up the stair didn’t seem so bad either. I loved the Gothic-like cave formations. The kids loved the cheeky, greedy monkeys!

Next stop, the Bird Park in Tasik Perdana (Lake Gardens). We had lunch and then ventured into the park. Entry prices seemed a bit steep though.

The bird show was good. The various winged creatures of many hues, most interesting indeed. The kids loved posing for photos with the birds. I enjoyed the aviary with the lake. I just sat on a bench beneath the waterfall and enjoyed the coolness.

One complaint though, no water in the toilets!

With some spare time, we headed for the Butterfly Park which is just around the corner.

The kids were fascinated with the plethora of colourful winged insects that landed all over their limbs. I found the indoor exhibit really interesting too.

Another complaint though, no water in the toilets!

Very odd … must be perplexing for tourists visiting our top tourist destinations.

I know I didn’t mention KLCC. Did that a few days back.

Also ambled on that skybrige between KLCC and Pavillion. (You need to follow the tunnel from KLCC to the aquarium, exit at the Convention Centre, turn right, and then take the skybridge).

I was impressed. It was clean, partly air conditioned and hardly took 10 minutes.

Now you can shop non-stop in two venues instead of one!

Playing tourists was fun. It takes a stranger to discover your own city.