I’m accessing this from Phuket. I logged into the WordPress homepage and was surprised to see that all the highlighted blogs had the words CENSORED on it!

It’s an odd thing indeed when you’re so used to a “free” press in Australia. I know that lots of stuff never makes the newspapers in Malaysia but the internet is relatively free.

I do recall that famous photo of a young blonde woman on a tennis court scratching her bare bottom. There was an article about the photographer in Time or Newsweek, I think, and her bare bottom was censored. Malaysia, of course, is most sensitive about private parts. I also remember a photo in Berita Harian a couple of years back showing a a motorcyclist that had been crushed by a lorry. It was a most disturbing photo for it showed his distraught bloodied face and his innards spilling out. No censorship there!

Censorship is a most difficult subject indeed. Some authors would like to get their books censored for the sheer publicity. Others prefer not to received death threats. Just ask Salman Rushdie.

As for me, I try to write moderately. For you never know, the taxi driver from hell may be out to get me!