We arrived last week at LCCT, the budget airline terminal in Kuala Lumpur that hosts AirAsia.

We bought the taxi coupon and after some confusion found the taxi rank. We were then ushered into a black car.

The taxi driver was awfully unfriendly who only grunted when spoken too. I examined the stickers on his car. There was a distinct political, military and police connection about these badges.

Glancing at my driver, I realised to my alarm that he appeared to be, what can only be called, a “Special Branch” type. Not the sort of person you’d want knocking on your front door at midnight.

Why was I, my wife and two kids in this car? Was this guy moonlighting as a taxi driver when he wasn’t arresting or spying on citizens?

It all seemed okay for the first 20 minutes. Then the driver seemed to get irritated by a slow driver in front. He suddenly converted into the demon driver from hell, shooting down a 90km/h stretch at 140km/h, weaving between cars and high speed and braking suddenly.

I clutched onto my seat for dear life. I tried to control my breathing. I was worried for my family. I was worried for ourlives!

What a wonderful welcome to Malaysia this was.

I wonder if our demon driver had taken tourists on his hellish ride in his black vehicle. I wonder if they found their intro to Malaysia “Truly Asia” or “Truly Awful”?

I’ll be going to LCCT again unfortunately. Wish me luck!