I’m in Melbourne. I’ve got my trusty Kindle with me. It’s got 60% of the latest Stephen King novel on it in audiobook so far. (It’s the one with the Kennedy assassination date on it)

It’s taken several hours on wi fi to get to that download stage. But I don’t mind, it’s worth waiting for but I just need to find some wi fi hotspots to continue the download.

It’s a windy sunny day in Melbourne. Just got in this lunch time on a bumpy Jetstar flight.

The city is busy as usual with trams shunting up and down and music blaring from somewhere. But I don’t mind. It’s the big city buzz for this small town guy.

From this internet cafe, I can still hear the trams, still hear the shuffling feet of shoppers.

It’s all pretty familar to me as I get here at least two or three times a year. Last time, I saw Tiger Woods getting off a chopper on his way to the Crown Casio.

I wonder who I’ll spy this time. Maybe you (if you’re a Melburnian) crossing the street on your way somewhere nice perhaps …

But you won’t know me and I won’t know you.

The best thing about this internet cafe is that I’m writing fast becuase it’s costing me A$2.90 for 15 minutes. We all have to save somehow! 🙂