It appears that “Artemis Hunt has a husband who thinks all fiction is nonsense and all writers of fiction should get their heads checked for situational delusions.”

That seems to be all we know about this mysterious author – although there’s a rumour that she’s got Malaysian links. I really doubt this though as her writing seems far too Californian!

But, if she is Malaysian, then Malaysia-boleh! because she’s certainly one of the nation’s most prolific and successful.

Great cover, huh?

Recently, Artemis unloaded on us six e-books entitled:

The Body Snatcher Wears Lipstick
The Hunt For The Catalyst
The Ether World Chronicles: Beginnings
The Body Snatcher Wears Lipstick
Snow White And The Alien
Psychotic – A Thriller Short
(by A.R Hunt)

You can get a rush from her books on her blog.

I’m in the middle of Snow White and the Alien and the writing’s just great. There’s no limit to this Californian’s imagination and its Kindle-clicking good!

I’m going to give Artemis’s husband a call soon, as I continue to type out my own novel, just to check on my own “situational delusion”!