Ever placed your hard boiled eggs into a boiling saucepan only, in abject despair, to see them crack and ooze?

Ever cracked your half boiled eggs only to find your well-earned-meal too frustratingly watery or dry and hard, like love gone wrong?

Then this fool-proof, gourmet, 5-star recipe will work every time …

1. Place the eggs into a sauce pan.

2. Fill it with cold water so that the eggs are just covered.

3. Turn stove on to MEDIUM.

4. As soon as the water boils (which means bubbling vigorously), remove eggs.

5. Eat and think fondly of me!

If you’d like Hard Boiled Eggs instead, turn stove on to LOW and follow the same instructions. If you’d like you eggs Runny then turn your stove on to HIGH.

Whilst at boarding school, I learnt to slice off the top of the egg with a butter knife. It’s pretty neat! So there’s no need for tapping the egg shell and burning your fingers pulling bits of shell off.

Well worth the boarding school fees! ☺