“Most books consist of a chapter’s worth of ideas and a further 11 chapters of hamburger filler.” So says Michael Levin in a letter to the Economist a couple of months back.

I agree, except I couldn’t find the tomato sauce! 🙂

But seriously, I pretty much agree with him.

There are so many self-help, business, health and other non-fiction books out there espousing the usual nonsense. Some will have a couple of good ideas, others can’t even manage that. As Mr Levin says “95% of the books that are published today are done so not because they have anything new to say but because their authors have come up with a well-developed marketing plan.”

This, I assume, is restricted to the world of non-fiction but maybe not. Hmmm … that novel I just read seems pretty similar to one I read a few years back … you know the one about the little boy/girl living in Nazi Germany.

Michael Levin is a best-selling author. I only found that out by hopping over to his website as he did sign off on his letter “Chief executive, BusinessGhost”. He markets what he calls the Effortless Authorship Home Study System for US$199. Hmmm … sounds like a good deal and I was pretty tempted.

Good marketing, Michael! 🙂