Small changes in our lives can make a big difference to our health.

How about tuning into a different radio station or stopping your daily newspaper being delivered?

I’ve noticed a positive difference since I refrained from reading the daily newsprint. (Which is arguably full of rubbish anyway) I can’t halt them papers completely as my better half still religiously reads them! 🙂

I’ve now more time on my hands to browse through books, read poetry or, dare I say it, even contemplate life!

According to Ben Fletcher, a psychologist from Hertfordshire University our daily habits of thinking and behaving keep us doing stuff that’s bad for us. “Like smoking, eating and drinking too much,” he says. “Or becoming stuck in negative thought patterns ¬– all which impacts on our health. We can make our lives much better with small changes.”

The thing is, without change our tomorrows will be pretty similar to our yesterdays.

As Monsieur Bowie says …

So the days float through my eyes
But still the days seem the same …
Ch … ch … ch … ch …changes

And if we’re happy to make small changes, big changes can happen too.

Change is good. Let us welcome it!