Today is 9/11.

That’s right 9th November. Oh no, got that wrong … it’s the 11th of September!

It’s hard to get this old head around the US date system.

For those used to driving on the left hand side of the road, I suppose it’s like getting used to driving on the right. That’s no so difficult to do though, since you’re in a foreign country and everything changes.

But if you’re used to 11/9/11 being 11th September, then being confronted with 9/11/11 is most confusing indeed.

Almost 3,000 died in the terrorist attacks. They choose 9/11 to match nine one one, the telephone number for the US emergency services.

A date with historical significance

But imagine if the US followed the rest of the world so that 9/11 actually meant 9th November, this would have given the US intelligence services and extra 2 months to foil the terrorist plot. They probably wouldn’t have since we’ve found out that they had no idea it was going to happen but, who knows, there might have been that slim possibility.

Or imagine if the US didn’t use 911 as the emergency number but used instead 999 (as in the UK) or 000 (as in Australia) then would no attack have happened? Most unlikely.

But that doesn’t stop us from imagining!

Ideas and imagination never hurt no one. But ideas turned into action, like planes turned into missiles, do.