Illuminaire on Devonshire, The Foresta@Mount Faber, The Trizon and The Waterina.

What the heck are these?

They’re not just stunning examples of newly-created words or neologisms but according to The Economist (6 August 2011) these are the names of posh condos in Singapore. But wait, these are no longer mere buildings but “new residential typologies” some filled with “never-ending wonderment”!

Foresque Residences - "never ending wonderment!"

Singapore condos are now on the market at eye-watering prices with The Marq on Paterson Hill recently selling at S$5,842 per square foot. Driven by low interest rates and what can only be rampant speculation, Singapore apartments have reached sky-high prices.

I’ve always loved property. But not at these prices. I’ve always loved words too. But these ones are a bit cheesy.

I therefore hope prices plummet so that it’s in reach of normal people and that developers go back to using normal names. Perhaps imaginations should be properly used.

How about Azure Breeze?

That would just be a copy. It was the fictional name of an apartment in John D. McDonald’s 1979 novel Condominium.

I was reading it whilst writing my tome Everything the Condominium Developer Should Have Told You, But Didn’t (1992). That doesn’t make my book fictional (although some may think so!) but I was looking for insight.

Now if that condo was called Illuminaire on Devonshire or Foresque Residences, I don’t think I would have bothered. I would go write a book on golf instead! 🙂