Well, not quite!

I just used one of those advertising gimmicks to get your attention!

You see, I was going to write an insightful piece about the £3 billion dollar yacht purportedly owned by some wealthy Malaysian.

But my post just sank!

You see, I opened with:

Whilst I sat mesmerised by the lapping of waves, contemplating the …

Then I got stuck.

No, words didn’t fail me. It was a far simpler thing.

It was: how the heck do you input the dastardly “£” sign into the word processor?

It took me 10 minutes to work it out. That’s not because the solution was entirely new to me either. I’d done it before but clicking on the icon just didn’t work.

Ah, the joy of computers!

Their floating menus, their windows hidden behind other windows, the help menus written in tiny fonts, the endless clicking through folders searching for a document, the finder function that never finds anything I need!

And I’m using Apple which is supposed to be easier than the satanic Windows. (But since Bill Gates is now doing amazing charitable works, so maybe now we stare through Windows and only see angels!)

Perhaps it’s just me.

I didn’t grow up with this kind of technology. For my son, the internet is no different from electricity. It’s taken for granted, part of the fabric of modern existence.

We don’t realise how new this stuff is. I sent my first email and accessed the web only 15 years ago, no later than anyone else.

And what is this stuff doing to our brains?

Would it cause us to splash out on a £3 billion yacht whilst starvation, illness and despair still reign?

Would we name it “History Supreme” because of our impoverished imagination, instead of calling it something more beguiling? How about something like “Tits” as did the Sultan of Brunei’s brother?

Would Somali pirates capture the vessel, strip off its gold and platinum walls to buy armaments to take over the world?

Or would it sink in the Med and only be found a century later by a more enlightened people who shake their heads at the selfishness and foolishness of their ancestors?