It’s bewildering the stuff you involved in, even if you’re dragged screaming into it …

Unless you’re a plumber, contractor or builder, why the heck would you want to get involved in sewerage?

That’s unless you’re forced to delve into its odious and mucky depths.

One day, last month, the Heavens just opened up. Ray Bradbury’s book of short stories The Day It Rained Forever came to mind as I sloshed my way through a flooded car park.

That night, after watching TV, I slipped downstairs to my study. I was mortified.

I was standing ankle deep in water!

With the study flooded, I had to work out how the water got in. I checked the doors. No water was coming in from the outside. Very odd indeed. Then I crept into the bathroom. And there it was. Water coming out of the waste in the shower. That’s for water to exit the cubicle, not the other way ‘round!

It was a harrowing night, emptying buckets of water from the study and storeroom until 4am!

I’m still trying to work out how stormwater made its way into the sewerage system and up into my house. I’ve had the plumbers it, the council etc etc making excuses. I’m learning lots about pipes, manholes, gradients, gullies, overflows, blockages, even though they’re not subjects I yearn to be intimate with.

But if something affects you directly, you just have to get interested in it!