If I told you I did, you might not believe me.

But here are a couple of ghost photos …

See the ghostly orb?
These ones are more distinct!

Both rooms were gloomy and the spots of lights or shining orbs were certainly not there when taken. I was rather surprised when they appeared.

These were taken at the Port Arthur Historic Site a few weeks ago, whilst we were there on holiday. Whilst the site is beautiful and full of convict history, it’s also know to be one of the most haunted place in Australia.

There are many haunted sites at the former convict site available to the intrepid ghost hunter. It was visited by Ghost Hunters International recently for their TV series.

These ghost photos were taken at the Parsonage. During the ghost tour our family attended that night, we were told of how, a few years back, three builders who were renovating the cottage stayed there to save money, instead of finding a place to rent. They fled during the night, because one of them was being suffocated!

The Parsonage did certainly feel eerie and oppressive.

So, do you believe in ghosts?

It’s certainly possible to explain away those ghostly orbs in the photos.

But I’d rather not hear of them … I’d like to keep the notion of ghosts alive!