Even though my fourteen-year-old daughter complained that her hair smelt of cooked sausages, I know that she and my ten-year-old son will fondly recall the delights of a serving up a barbeque together with members of my local Rotary Club.

They got to stack slices of bread on serviettes (creating several tottering towers), fry onions (some unfortunately turning charcoal black), and even served hungry paying customers. Here’s an experience many kids today just don’t get.

Caught up in a world of well-targeted advertising, consumerism and me, me, me – here, finally, is a chance to give back to the community, to serve, and yet come away feeling more satisfied than a day trawling the shopping malls!

With one member raising hell on the barbeque, another collecting money and taking customer orders, I managed to elevate the slicing of skin-links between raw sausages into an art form somewhere between ikibana Japanese flower arranging and kobudo swordsmanship.

Whilst another member arrived just in time with new supplies of frozen onions, Fanta and promises to return with more sausages, serviettes and bread, I decided that to call it a day and handed my cooking apron over.

It was three hours well spent.

All proceeds will be donated to charity.

Only wish I took some photos.

P.S Click here to find out more about Rotary.