Today the dishwasher broke down.

It’s been with us 8 years.

I’ve been told that it’s no point getting it fixed as this is pretty much its life span. Fixing it would be fairly expensive and then, down the road, something else would inevitably go wrong.

So I’m on the web checking out dishwashers. I can see images, prices, reviews even read the various instruction manuals and, finally, make the purchase. You could spent half-your-life going through all the information, comments etc on the products.

I’m slightly nervous though spending this sort of money on the web. I’ve got to make sure it’s a reputable website. But how can you check an online vendor’s reputation?

Ah, check it out on the web!

Mind you, didn’t I say something in an earlier post about how the net is destroying our people-to-people contact? So, right, I’m going to head out to the shops later …

We moved into a newly renovated house about 8 years ago and then bought all our appliances. It was exciting seeing all this gleaming brand new stuff. But now with their brief lifespan coming to an end, we’ll now have to start facing the prospect of buying a new washing machine, dryer, fridge, microwave etc etc.

A lot of bucks … I just they all don’t pack it in at the same time!

Things are no longer built to last.

A guy mentioned how his first TV kept working for 25 years, his second TV broke down after 10 and his new one barely lasted 5!

That’s how these companies are earning their big dollars.

As for me, I’d like to see life spans increase. Particularly, mine! ☺