Yesterday, I saw a seven-year-old girl pointing open-mouthed at a man. I was in a shopping centre looking at some DVDs when I turned and his T-shirt leapt at me.

It said fcuk.

Call me a prig if you like, but I gritted my teeth at that.

Of course, I’d spied the T-shirts before, but I’d never seen a child’s reaction to one.

As a teenager, I remember a fairly-popular high-street shop called French Connection. Years later, some marketing-guru must have come up with the idea of giving the brand some edge.

French Connection morphed into fcuk.

Why fcuk?

French Connection United Kingdom, of course!

Was the close-resemblance to the well-worn swear-word mere coincidence?

I doubt it, especially when some of their old t-shirts state “fcuk this”, “hot as fcuk” and “too busy to fcuk”!

I don’t advocate censorship, but I have a real problem when young children walking innocently in public, point and stare with their mouths-wide open. That little girl was obviously bothered by it.

F-c-u-k doesn’t spell f-u-c-k, but it does in your head. The implication is often stronger than the literal.

The brand may be changing though, as its newer range no longer exploit its fcuk name. Perhaps it’s time to return to the good old French Connection name.

Perhaps then I’ll go get myself a T-shirt or two!