The current issue of The Spectator lists the world’s biggest arms exporters and importers.

Here are the Biggest Sellers:

USA: $10.3bn
Russia: $6.8bn
Germany $3.8bn
France: $2.8bn
UK: $1.6bn

If you’re good at something, continue to do it!

These nations battled hard in the Second World War. Although France probably earned its expertise in the one before. Japan would be on that list too, if it wasn’t for the restrictions imposed on it after 1945.

Here are the Biggest Buyers:

India: $3.2bn
Singapore: $2.6bn
Malaysia: $2.3bn
Greece: $2.9bn
South Korea: $1.8bn

Now, what are theses countries playing at? You’d think that the biggest arms buyers would be those that can afford it. The rich countries.

But no, here are their GDP rankings:

India: 11th
Singapore: 39th
Malaysia: 38th
Greece: 31st
South Korea: 15th

They’re certainly not the richest!

And if you look at their GDP rankings per capita (which is the GDP divided by their population) then it looks like this:

India: 137th
Singapore: 15th
Malaysia: 65th
Greece: 28th
South Korea: 33rd

I don’t think any of these countries, except for South Korea, are even remotely in danger of finding itself at war.

So why the arms spending spree? And why an arms race across that causeway in South East Asia?

I’m sure there’s a better use for those billions!