I’ve had enough!

I’ve spent several days trying to book flights online with Malaysian Airlines. After entering details and clicking BOOK FLIGHTS, the page just refreshes itself, so that you can start all over again!

After calling the airlines, they assured me that their website should work, but I’ve decided that either I’m insane or they are. After all, without an ability to book online for so many days, the airline must be losing tonnes of money.

So, I decided to go with their rivals, Singapore Airlines. I knew they were efficient and their online booking works.

So after spending 40 minutes finding flights, entering passport details, credit card information and resigning myself to the exoribitant costs, I clicked “Proceed to Payment”.


Alas, the joys of booking flights online! ☹

I now crave those days, which seem so long ago, when sitting in front of a human was the norm. He or she would be in a uniform, made small talk and booked those flights.

There would be people strolling in and out of the travel agent’s and you’d hear snippets of conversation: other bookings, other lives … a daughter’s wedding, a funeral, a honeymoon perhaps.

The flights would be more expensive no doubt, but you’d be in the real world of living, breathing people (some with body odour, others wearing perfume!) and then you might have coffee, pop into a bookshop or bump into someone you know. And who knows what you might do next …

But here I am alone, with only the internet for company and leaving those dreadful flight bookings to another uneventful day.