Is your ebook reader making your brain lazy?

That is the question posed by neuroscience writer Jonah Lehrer. In an interview with BBC radio, he said that the easy-to-read typefaces in your friendly ebook reader inhibits information retention.

Sentences read on lucid e-ink screens are apparantly read so quickly and effortlessly that this lack of mental exortion does not allow the usual brain activity to kick in.

On the other hand, if reading takes effort, for example, small fonts on yellowing paper or even scrawly handwriting in your lecture notes, then more conscious effort is required. This wakes us up and and the information is better retained!

I’ve always had a concern about how we humans are so easily seduced by technology. We don’t know its ramifications. Yet we overawed consumers hurry down its path of flashing lights.

If you’re reading this on an ebook reader, you’ve now got the perfect excuse to forget everything you’ve just read!