Even if I say so myself, I do think that I’m normally calm and collected.

So when the woman and the info counter at the TM Point said that I couldn’t submit a form to close my mother-in-law’s phone account, I felt my blood rise and almost shouted!

It’s a long story, but after several long phone calls and letters (including waiting 24 hours from some person from the relevant department to call me and giving my IC number for the umpteenth time), I managed to get the necessary form and had my frail mother-in-law sign it.

So I sauntered into the retail outlet with my form and the old telephone (which they insisted I needed to bring) only to be confronted by bureaucracy gone mad.

Because I wasn’t my mother-in-law, I was told, I needed a letter from my mother-in-law authorising me to submit the form to close the account! This was crazy, I thought, the form already requested that the account be terminated. Why have an authorisation letter on top of that?

Normally, I would have calmly accepted this woman’s requirements and walked away. Many others would have. But I’d had enough, so I blew my top.

I was sent by the fuming woman to a service counter where I submitted the form with absolutely no fuss from the staff there.

Anger shouldn’t produce results … but in this case, it did!

Obviously power had got into the head of the woman at the info counter. Instead of giving out correct information, she took in on herself to control everything, providing a great disservice to the company’s customer’s in the process.

Anything like this ever happen to you?