I don’t know many people who like sitting at airports and planes for hours.

I’ve been away from home for the past months and taken nine flights:

Hobart -> Melbourne -> Singapore -> KL -> Penang -> KL -> Denpasar -> KL -> Melbourne -> Hobart

That’s a flight every 3 or 4 days.

Some people do a lot more. Mostly for work. A long time ago, when I had to travel for work and leave my family, I hated it. I remember being the last one sitting at the departure gate, not wanting to get on board. The plane would high over the suburb I lived in and I would sadly stare out trying to locate my house.

Travelling is tiring and I don’t envy those who have to do it for business.

I’m glad to be home. Even though it’s been a great. And as a wise man once said:

“The best thing about going on holidays is coming home!”