I dare you to try this …

Just for the coming Sunday. I swear you won’t injure yourself.

Don’t be scared now. But I want you to …

Leave your mobile phone at home.


No one will be able to reach me, you gasp. How can life carry on without it, you might holler.

But really.

Leave your mobile phone at home.

If you really, really can’t, then you may have nomophobia.

Nomophobia is the fear of being out of mobile phone contact. This may be due to being out of range, exhausted battery, no credit or lost of the mobile phone itself.

A study in the UK found that about half of people had nomophobia.

You can find out more on Wikipedia.

But honestly, I would like you to try it. I chose Sunday, as it’s usually a non-work day, so it won’t mess up your working life.

I sometimes forget my mobile at home. The initial feeling is panic. Later, a feeling of loss sets in. Like being on a boat with no anchor. Still later, I encounter resignation and loneliness.

I didn’t get to the point of liberation, because, by then, both mobile and I were reunited!

Go on … give it a try!