I was at the Eagles concert last Tuesday in Melbourne.

They were not only entertaining but the music was fabulous!

With four band members who took turns at lead vocal, they played for more than three hours. They sang almost all their hits.

Welcome to the Hotel California!

What did struck me as a bit odd was that I guessed that only twenty percent of the crowd were familiar with material from the new album Long Road out of Eden as the clapping for these songs was sometimes perfunctory compared to the cheering for the old hits. They also played other material from their other albums which was not familiar to me.

I made it a point to get Long Road out of Eden (which I think is fantastic) as soon I got my tickets just so that I knew the songs and would enjoy the concert so much more. But I suppose not everyone thinks that way. Perhaps they just wanted to be at the ‘event’.

It is a bit sad for a band when the crowd only wants to hear the hits … Perhaps that is why Bowie announced many years ago that he wouldn’t do any of his hits at concerts.

I thought at the end that there was room for another encore, but the crowd, mostly in their 50s, was already leaving even when the lights were off and the stage lights still on. Perhaps that was why there was no “New Kid in Town”.

But what a performance … what a great band!