“This internet is like a huge case of termites, it’s eating into every institution and it’s all just going to crash – books, newspapers, you name it.”

So says Don McLean, singer songwriter, whose hits include Vincent and American Pie.

He is so fed up with the digitally driven industry that, in a recent interview with Kane Young, he says his new album will be his last.

Can we internet denizens agree with him?

He says that in the 60s and 70s there was so much less media, perhaps just newspapers and three radio stations, and a hit record made a massive impact. But now, with a tsunami of readily available music content, most of which is not even paid for, when a big artist comes out with a new album, it’s barely noticed.

I read something similar from Mick Jagger who said that it was great that he could make money from music decades ago, because you’re hardly able to today.

There’s a book on this very subject about the net killing everything including music, newspapers and novels … but I’ve forgotten it’s name … my excuse, too much content out there!

Anyway, I’m learning to use Apple’s Garageband for the fun of it … and guess what, I’m creating music content!

No money though and as Dylan says “sometimes you can’t give it away”.

P.S Can you remember any profound song lyrics that came out in the last 5 “internet” years?