Last week, we celebrated Pretend to a be a Time Traveller Day.

This stupefyingly profound day, should be an international holiday, just to celebrate the sheer audacity of it!

It seems that nowadays there are now all kinds of celebration or recognition days.

Many relate to health issues: e.g AIDs, breast cancer, SIDs, mental health.

Some focus on famous people who made a difference: e.g Martin Luther King Day.

The more popular ones deal with families: mother’s, father’s, even Children’s Day.

There’s a “Walk to Work Day” and even a “Don’t Buy Anything Day”!

There’s probably already a “Plant a Tree Day” and perhaps even a “Don’t Use a Plastic Bag Day”.

I propose a:

1. “Buy A Book Day

2. “Eat Sushi Day”

3. “Take Up a New Sports Day”

4. “Don’t Go on a Computer Day” or “Don’t Use your Mobile Phone Day”.

5. “Give Away $10 to a Stranger Day”

6. “International Wear a Dunce Cap Day”; and a

7. “Stay in Bed Day”

What sort of “Days” can you think of?