No, this post is not about climate change. It’s about how I’m feeling.

I’m kidding!

It is about climate change.

How can I look past it when this past week we’ve had a freezing Europe (with -20 C in Scotland and -30 C in Russia!), forest fires in Israel and flooding in Australia?

I recall the conveyor belt current in the Atlantic Ocean in the documentary An Inconvenient Truth and that global warming can cause its interruption. The result is that Europe will experience a new ice age!

I shiver at the possibility …

This isn’t bunkum, just ask NASA.

Despite what the sceptics say (and I’m not sure what their motive is, perhaps just greed or preserving the status quo, though I always do appreciate the alternate point of view), I believe climate change is real.

And this is rather confronting, for this wild, extreme weather is something my kids, your kids and our grandchildren will have to confront.

It’ll be tough.

Vladimir Putin quipped a few years back that he didn’t mind climate change as he didn’t mind if Russia was two or three degrees warmer. I don’t think he’s so happy now with his country in the current icy grip.

Or yes, it happened last winter too.

With climate change, it’s a pattern that’s here to stay.

And, I really hope not, but it will get worse. 😦