I’ve always been an Apple fan.

I bought it’s Color Classic back in 1992. Since then all my computers have been Macs. I’ve had a PowerBook (1997), a G4 desktop (2000), an iBook (2002), an iMac (2007) and I’m typing this on a MacBook Pro (2010).

Of them all, I really miss the Color Classic. I suppose that tell’s you a bit about me!

I was going to buy the iPad.

But then I asked myself, “what do I want it for?”

The answer was for reading eBooks.

I wanted to be able to carry it anywhere I went. I wanted to be able to read it outdoors, which I reckon is the best way of enjoying books.

The iPad’s heavier weight is a negative and it’s backlit screen doesn’t allow for outdoors reading. It’s ability to browse the internet, was also a distraction too that I didn’t want.

I’d always been happy with Amazon’s service and I’d read about it’s Kindle ebook reader, which is now in its third version.

So with a recent drop in the Kindle price, so that it’s almost a quarter of the iPad’s, I leapt at the Amazon product.

It took a week to get to me. I was impressed.

My conclusion?

1. The Kindle can read pdf files BUT reading the format is VERY difficult because the text is not free flowing unlike its native Kindle format. I tried using it to read the pdf galleys to my essay in 21st Century Gothic, but the small size of the text and difficulties in navigating made this almost impossible.

2. I couldn’t get the Wi Fi to work, which meant that I had to use my laptop to download books. It was no big deal though but irritating. (Any help in this area would be most welcome!)

3. I love the annotation function. I transferred my draft novel to the Kindle and read the manuscript on the machine, making notes on changes I had to later make using the annotation function. Very cool way to work.

4. Reading in bright sunlight is perfect and increasing the text size to accommodate my increasingly bad eye sight is great.

5. When you turn the Kindle off, it displays random graphics relating to writing or publishing or a sketch of a famous author. This stays on the display even when the Kindle is off because the technology behind the display doesn’t consume power. Although superficial, I really like this function, as Forrest Gump says “you never know what you’re gonna get.”

I’ve always been an Apple fan, but I love my Kindle too!

P.S Any sponsorship from Amazon will be gratefully accepted! ☺

P.S.S This is not meant to be a comprehensive review between the two products, you’ll find a better one here.