I shaved off my moustache at 22.

I’ve not had hair above my lip for close to a quarter of a century.

But I was asked to grow one this month. Here’s the result:

Hello Mo Bro!

It feels odd, yet really familiar too!

It’s for a good cause, which might have heard of: Movember.

It’s all about supporting men’s health issues, including depression.

I think depression is a huge issue for men. We men are simply not well connected with other men. Even if we’ve loads of friends, we’re not likely to discuss intimate subjects such as our feelings or problems.

Women, by their very nature, have more friends and are ready to divulge emotions and secrets. This creates better friendships.

So we men, generally, have a quantity and quality friendship issue.

Which is one reason why many men suffer depression.

Intimate friendships are not in men’s DNA. We were made to go hunting not for bringing families together!

If you think you or someone you know might suffer from depression, here’s a checklist that can help.