I’ve become a cantankerous old man.

My kids said that they wanted iPod Touches for Christmas. Not such a surprise really, since several of their friends have them and isn’t keeping up with the Jones, the Shankars, the Wongs and the Ibrahims so much part of our daily lives?

My kids would write to Santa, whom I understand is both most secular and multi-religious nowadays.

Since, they tell me, you’re supposed to list three items in your wish they would write:

1. iPod Touch 8Gb
2. iPod Touch 32Gb
3. iPod Touch 64GB

“Hmmm”, I harrumphed.

“I suppose if you were a starving child in Ethiopia or North Korea,” I said, “your wish list to Santa would be:

1. Rice
2. Bread
3. Milk

Wouldn’t it?”

Yes, at the age of 46, I’ve become an ill-humoured old man, venting my spleen against the device-driven modern world.

I did want to teach my kids about materialism, inequality and perhaps even Muslow’s hierarchy of needs.

But I think I just taught them that I’m just not much fun! ☹

As for the iPod Touchs, hmmm, we shall see …